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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our Guardian Dogs keep a careful watch over all the animals here at the ranch!

Next litter coming 2022.

Shep is our loyal but fierce family protector that patiently watches for unwanted intruders, wether human or animal. He is 135 pounds of unwavering protection.


He is an Anatolian Shepherd, Kangal, and Boerboel cross, bred and trained specifically for keeping his people and animals safe.

Livestock Guardian Dog Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Boerbel LGD Gaurd Dog
Livestock Gaurdian Dog Maremma Sheep Dog Anatolian Shepherd LGD Gaurdian Dog

Storm is very friendly to visitors here at the ranch, but she still takes her job seriously and is eager to alert to any unwanted predators. She weighs 85 pounds, and tirelessly watches over her livestock.


She is a Maremma Sheepdog and Anatolian Shepherd cross, bred specifically for livestock protection and belly rubs.

Puppies are here!


Storm had a litter of eight: five males and three females.

If you need a guardian for your stock or a protector for your home, contact us to apply for a puppy.

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